Parents of child that went missing charged with exposing a minor to danger

TAGS: Crime

The parents of a 4-year-old girl who went missing west of Athens on Easter Sunday and was found the following day, were charged on Tuesday by an Athens prosecutor with neglecting their child and exposing her to danger.

Maria disappeared from her grandfather’s used car lot following an Easter luncheon in Skaramangas, prompting an immediate wide-sale search and an amber alert to be issued by police. She was found the following day in Haidari, several kilometers away, and was released to the care of a children’s hospital, where she was examined by doctors and questioned by a specialized psychologist.

Her parents allegedly claim that the child was abducted within just a few moments that she was not under adult supervision, though experts found no indication to back the claim.

The couple will stand trial on Wednesday under a law permitting a swift hearing if an arrest is made within 48 hours from the execution of an alleged crime.

Until their hearing, they are being held at Athens police headquarters.