Member of Rouvikonas says anarchist group plans to become ‘much more dangerous’

Members of Rouvikonas hold up a banner protesting ongoing negotiations with creditors outside the Athens hotel where the creditors’ representatives are based, last month.

A member of the anarchist group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon) said on Wednesday in an interview that the group intends to “become much more dangerous.”

Speaking to the website, Giorgos Kalaitzidis said Rouvikonas believes that “the more of us there are the better... to make better, bigger and more frequent moves that will create an even bigger problem than what we believe we’ve already created for the state authorities.”

He said that the group plans to intensify its action with sit-ins at public buildings, concerts and protest rallies, “but also symbolic attacks against targets.”

Rouvikonas has already claimed responsibility for firebombing police stations, attacking media facilities, smashing into the TAIPED privatization fund offices and Teiresias database building, actions against foreign diplomatic missions and destroying ticket vending machines at several metro stations around Athens.

“Our desire is for [Rouvikonas] not to be a group, but a trend,” said Kalaitzidis. “Rouvikonas wants to be an opposition force in the street.”