SYRIZA slams former MP over criticism of measures

TAGS: Politics

Ruling SYRIZA has hit back at former lawmaker and current independent Euro MP Sofia Sakorafa over comments criticizing government policy in the wake of two controversial reform multi-bills that were ratified by Parliament this month.

“It is a paradox for Mrs Sakorafa, who likely saw her career with SYRIZA as a first-class opportunity for professional advancement, to act the fervent preacher of morality and militancy,” SYRIZA said in a press release late on Monday. “Let us remind her that throughout her time with SYRIZA she did not pay a single euro in contributions to the party… or a single euro to social solidarity.”

Sakorafa, a former athlete, was elected to European Parliament on SYRIZA’s ticket in 2014, resigning from the party and standing as an independent the following year.

On Sunday, she issued a statement accusing the government of “sealing our people’s grave and putting Greece under the hammer” after Parliament approved a raft of measures, including tax hikes and a new privatization fund.

“The anguish of our people is enormous; the political shock you have provoked is enormous. And there is nothing more vulgar than using that anguish and shock to pass [measures] no one else could have passed,” the Euro MP said.

“Mrs Sakorafa can keep her lessons and admonitions to herself,” the party responded in its press release.