Greek authorities finish evacuating Idomeni camp

Kurdish people standing next to their belongings at the Idomemni camp on Thursday as they wait to be transferred to hospitality centers.

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Greek authorities say they have completed the evacuation of the country's biggest informal refugee and other migrant camp on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border.

Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas says the Idomeni camp is now empty. At its peak, it hosted some 14,000 people trapped by Balkan border closures.

Greek police say the last 783 people were bused out of the tent city Thursday and taken to official shelters in other parts of northern Greece.

A total 3,000 people were taken to official shelters Tuesday and Wednesday.

Just before the evacuation Idomeni had 8,400 occupants, according to official figures, and it's unclear where all those who didn't get the buses to other camps are. Several have set up new informal camps in the vicinity.