Four Syrians injured in attack at Nea Kavala refugee camp; Pakistani man shot

TAGS: Migration

Four Syrian refugees were rushed to hospital in northern Greece late on Monday after allegedly being attacked by a group of around 10 Iraqi nationals at a camp in Nea Kavala, in yet another incident of violence between migrants living at cramped facilities that have come under fire for substandard living and safety conditions.

Two of the injured men, aged 17 and 18 respectively, were discharged from the Kilkis hospital after receiving first aid, while the other two, aged 20 and 35, were being treated for stab wounds and said to be in stable condition.

In a separate incident, a 29-year-old Pakistani man was shot during a row with a compatriot at the Hara Hotel on the outskirts of Kilkis, which is also serving as a refugee and migrant center. The man was injured in the shoulder blade and is being treated in a local hospital.

Police are investigating both incidents.