Perini Navi presents the 60m S/Y Seven

One Brand, One Company. Going forward, Perini Navi will be the sole brand for both sailing and motor yachts. Perini Navi, which represents a genuine way of life onboard and the culture of the sea, will now incorporate the Picchiotti brand. The Perini Navi logo has also been slightly refined in keeping with the values and tradition of the brand, which embodies Italian excellence.

“S/Y Seven is an important project, a challenge that marked the beginning of the new path undertaken by the Company, following on from the agreement between Fabio Perini and the Tabacchi Family, which I am particularly happy about. We have chosen to combine sailing and motor yachts under the Perini Navi brand and are launching innovative product lines,” said Lamberto Tacoli, Chairman and CEO of Perini Navi. “We believe strongly in the projects that we are working on, with the aim of strengthening our offer and keeping intact the tradition, quality and innovation, values ​​that are indispensable for Perini Navi,” he said.

“We wanted a name that expressed the strong bond with my family: Seven because seven is the number of my grandchildren,” said Ennio Doris. “With this new yacht we can all sail together, a passion that unites us and brings us together. I love Perini Navi yachts because they connect us with nature, with the magic of the sea, indescribable sensations like the rustling of the wind, the movement of the waves, nevertheless, without giving up modern conveniences. Seven is not a simple yacht, in fact, when you are onboard a Perini Navi you will discover the true meaning of Made in Italy. Seven is the result of a project characterised by the artistic, creative and aesthetic spirit that uniquely distinguishes Italian excellence in the world. The owner is Italian, the yard is Italian, as is the crew and the architect who designed it – even the flag is Italian.”

S/Y Seven is the 62nd yacht to be built by Perini Navi and is the third in the successful 60m series which includes Seahawk and Perseus 3. This yacht demonstrates Perini Navi’s commitment to offering owners innovative technology and solutions for performance, uncomplicated sailing and onboard comfort.

The interiors of the 60m ketch were designed by Dante O. Benini Architects and Partners, internationally renowned for their cutting-edge projects.