Shipowner Marinakis being investigated over Noor 1

TAGS: Crime, Business

The shipowner and businessman Vangelis Marinakis is being investigated in connection with the Noor 1 heroin smuggling case.

The investigation follows the examination of bank transfers of sums believed to have been used to fund the Noor 1 cargo ship which was used to smuggle some 2 tons of heroin into Greece in 2014.

The prosecutor Eirini Tziva is also probing three alleged associates of Marinakis: Nikos Syntihakis, the former managing director of shipping firm Capital, Piraeus-based lawyer Vangelis Bairaktaris and marine insurance broker Ilias Tsakiris.

In view of the seriousness of the case, Tziva asked the case to be assigned to an investigating magistrate specializing in corruption cases.