Tensions on Greek-Albanian border over Katsifas service

TAGS: Diplomacy

There were tensions at the Greek-Albanian border on Saturday when Albanian authorities stopped Greek citizens trying to enter the country to attend a memorial service for Konstantinos Katsifas, the 35-year-old ethnic Greek man who was fatally injured by Albanian police in an exchange of fire in late October in the village of Bularat.

Tensions peaked on Saturday morning when Albanian citizens formed a human chain in protest at buses carrying Greek citizens wanting to travel to Bularat.

The police guard of New Democracy MP Vassilis Giogiakas was detained by Albanian authorities at the border for carrying his service gun without the required license from Greek and Albanian authorities.

Albanian authorities said Katsifas was shot after opening fire at police and a coroner ruled that Katsifas was not shot at close range. However, his death has fueled tensions between Greece and Albania.