Eurobank initiative for promotion of digital skills

TAGS: Business

Eurobank on Wednesday announced the launch of the Eurobank Digital Academy for Business, a digital skills resource center for Greek companies that treat technology as a key enabler and digital transformation as a growth strategy and a means to gain a competitive edge.

“Through this new initiative, the Eurobank Group responds to challenges businesses face today, leveraging its own experience acquired through various innovative initiatives it has developed over time under the scope of strengthening Greek entrepreneurship,” read the bank’s statement.

“Through the Eurobank Digital Academy for Business, an initiative that will continuously evolve with the addition of new pillars, the bank demonstrates its support for companies of all sizes, at no cost, in their effort to familiarize themselves with the new digital reality and develop their abilities and skills, exploiting, for their own advantage, Eurobank’s knowledge, tools and own digital ecosystem, with the contribution of a structured network of strategic leading partners, such as Google, Microsoft, Found.ation, Accenture, Isobar and Growth, and with other companies from the digital transformation field,” said Eurobank.