ND's Dora Bakoyannis drops charges against teens over offensive graffiti

TAGS: Crime

Three 15-year-old boys were reportedly released from custody in Crete on Friday after being remanded over several deeply offensive messages directed at New Democracy lawmaker Dora Bakoyannis that were scrawled in the elevator of her office building in the town of Hania earlier this week.

The teenagers were remanded after Bakoyannis' office manager filed a complaint with police when he saw the messages, which made reference to the November 17 terrorist organization that gunned down the lawmaker's husband and fellow politician Pavlos Bakoyannis in downtown Athens in 1989.

They were released, however, when the prominent opposition lawmaker refused to press charges, according to, which also said that one of the 15-year-olds is the son of a governing SYRIZA official.

“I am doubly sad for these children who were not even alive in '89 when Pavlos Bakoyannis was murdered by November 17 and today are writing such dreadful slogans in my office. I invite them to a public, open dialogue,” Dora Bakoyannis said on Twitter, commenting on the incident.