Half of blazes due to arson, fire service figures show


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Amid a spate of arson arrests in recent weeks when high temperatures and strong winds conspired to fan several large wildfires across the country, statistics acquired by Kathimerini indicate that at least half of all blazes last year were started intentionally.

According to the Greek fire service’s arson department, 50 percent of wildfires last year were attributed to arson, with another 25.32 percent blamed on neglect and the remainder on undetermined causes.

A 64-year-old man released pending trial in connection with a large blaze on Evia is charged with starting the blaze out of negligence during efforts to burn refuse on his farm. Authorities are investigating another two fires that broke out while he was in custody.

Another four people have been arrested over the past two weeks in connection with wildfires in different parts of the country – two of them charged with arson.