Water pipe that will link Aegina, Athens vandalized


TAGS: Crime

The company undertaking the project to link the Saronic island of Aegina to the network of the Athens Water Company (EYDAP) has filed a lawsuit against the Port Authority of Salamina, off Piraeus, after pipes that were supposed to be used to build the 14-kilometer pipeline were damaged by unknown assailants.

According to reports, the six holes in the pipes, which had been sitting on the seabed off Salamina since October, were made a few days ago with a standard drill. 

However, the project to lay the pipeline at a depth of up to 93 meters will proceed as planned in July.

“The holes seem to have been made with a simple electric drill as they are only 5.5mm in diameter. Obviously those who did it did not want [the damage] to be easily perceived by a simple visual inspection,” Alexandros Petropoulos, the project manager, told Kathimerini.

“This is definitely a malicious act,” he added.