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Xenios Zeus raids lead to fewer arrests

A total of 645 migrants were temporarily detained by police officers in downtown Athens late on Wednesday as part of the ongoing Xenios Zeus operation aimed at curbing illegal immigration, the Hellenic Police said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, only four of the 645 migrants were charged for not having documents proving legal residence in Greece.

A total of 20,929 immigrants have been questioned by police since the launch of the Xenios Zeus operation in early August. Of these 2,446 were arrested on charges of illegal residence.

ekathimerini.com , Thursday September 13, 2012 (11:41)  
Report about Greek minister moving cash abroad denied
UN envoy Eide sees ‘unique opportunity’ on Cyprus
Over 120,000 Greeks apply for aid from government
Greek gov´t announces scheme to boost Roma living standards
ATHEX: Stocks drop on Moody’s downgrade
The government’s apparent inability to reach a deal with the country’s creditors to ease the Greek cash crisis and banish the nightmare of a default led Moody’s to downgrade Greek bank produ...
Greece wants to change EU-Canada trade deal to protect ´feta´ name
Athens will not back a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union unless the deal is changed to specify that only Greece can use the term «feta» for its salty whit...
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Over 18,000 runners participate in the Athens Half Marathon
The 4th Athens Half Marathon was an unqualified organizing and sporting success on Sunday, as thousands of runners joined in the race of the 21-kilometers and the 3k and 5k runs in the capit...
Six teams to fight to avoid the last relegation spot
Panthrakikos was the biggest winner of the penultimate round of Super League games on Sunday through its victory at Veria, on the day that Olympiakos partied for its fifth consecutive title....
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Empty admissions of fault
News that the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, Christine Lagarde, has ordered a probe into who bears responsibility for the failure of the Greek program during the 2010-12 pe...
No more division
Greece will experience some serious turbulence in the days and weeks ahead as it faces several key dates that will determine its fate. It is extremely unlikely that the country will survive ...
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1. Report about Greek minister moving cash abroad denied
2. UN envoy Eide sees ‘unique opportunity’ on Cyprus
3. Over 120,000 Greeks apply for aid from government
4. Greek gov´t announces scheme to boost Roma living standards
5. Thessaloniki cabbie´s taxi bursts into flames
6. ATHEX: Stocks drop on Moody’s downgrade
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