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SYRIZA leading in new opinion poll

A new opinion poll on voting intentions for European Parliament elections shows leftist opposition SYRIZA ahead of conservative New Democracy by 2 percent.

Conducted by Pulse for the weekly To Pontiki newspaper, the survey will be published on Friday.

The poll shows SYRIZA taking the lead with 19 percent, followed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras's conservative party which stands at 17 percent. Ultranationalist Golden Dawn and To Potami (The River), a center-left initiative set up by the television journalist Stavros Theodorakis, are both at third place with 10 percent.

PASOK’s grouping with other center-left parties, known as the Olive Tree alliance, score 6.5 percent, ahead of the Communist Party (KKE) on 5. Independent Greeks garner 3.5 percent and Democratic Left (DIMAR) 2. , Thursday March 20, 2014 (11:12)  
Norman Atlantic death toll hits five as dozens arrive on land
EU says Greece must commit to Europe, back reforms
´Moment of truth has arrived," says deputy PM
Opposition leader hails ´historical day´
ECB awaits Greek views on bailout review
The European Central Bank said on Monday it was seeking views from Greek authorities on how to proceed with the review of the country's bailout, after lawmakers failed to elect a new preside...
European stocks drop as Greece’s ASE tumbles after vote results
European stocks fell, led by a slump in Greece’s ASE Index as the nation faces early elections after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras failed a third time to get enough backing for his presiden...
Inside Business
Reds beat Greens by six to gain confidence
Olympiakos won the first league derby with Panathinaikos to get on top of the Basket League on Saturday evening, which also saw several other very close games. The Reds beat the Greens 81-75...
National homeless team and PAO join Christmas Truce commemoration
Panathinaikos and the Greek National Homeless Soccer Team met at the training center of the Greens in Koropi last weekend for an informal soccer get-together, commemorating the “Christmas Tr...
Inside Sports
Anger vs fear
Most Greeks are vacillating between anger and fear. If, as all signs indicate, the country goes to elections, the outcome will be decided by which of the two eventually prevails. Right now, ...
Going above and beyond
Members of the Greek Parliament have one last chance today to prevent the country from being thrown into a state of major upheaval. Personal rivalries between politicians, fears of what the ...
Inside Comment
1. ECB awaits Greek views on bailout review
2. Norman Atlantic death toll hits five as dozens arrive on land
3. EU says Greece must commit to Europe, back reforms
4. ´Moment of truth has arrived," says deputy PM
5. Opposition leader hails ´historical day´
6. Deadly car explosion on Athens highway believed to be caused by bomb
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