Dimitris Rigopoulos

Dimitris Rigopoulos

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  • Languages spoken: Greek, English, Italian
  • Local/Demographic: Athens
  • Reportage: Culture, Breaking News, Opinion
  • Job title: Editor in Chief of K Magazine

Dimitris Rigopoulos was born in 1971 in Athens. He studied Journalism in the Department of Communications and Mass Media of the Panteion University. In August 1993 he joined Kathimerini as an intern for three months. Shortly after, in May 1994 he was hired to join the culture desk as a staff member. During his course in the paper specialized in urban culture and architecture. In 2013 he became Head of the Culture desk of the newspaper and in November 2015 he assumed the position of Editor in Chief of Kathimerini's weekly magazine "K".



The return of Omonia Square


Despite the extreme secrecy that has surrounded the redevelopment of Omonia Square in downtown Athens, it seems that what we will see in the end will have little to do with what the previous municipal authority had announced.