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A fierce battle looms
By Alexis Papachelas
There has been plenty of talk regarding cracking down on corruption and vested interests in this country. From Costas Karamanlis’s “pimps” we have arrived at Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’s e-mail.
PISA, Schengen, mediocrity and isolation
Greece’s most serious problem is not the economic and political crisis, though it did contribute greatly to it. At the root of our...
Greek-Turkish relations
There are other issues beyond those focusing on the economy that the government, formerly of the “Indignants” and currently adapti...
Government policy
The issue of irregular immigration is taking on serious dimensions on an international level, while in Greece it is bordering on c...
Greek officials have ruffled feathers in Brussels for not having good diplomatic manners
Strapped for cash and under pressure to deliver on reforms, Greece's new radical government has ruffled feathers in Brussels by no...
Up the creek without a paddle
One of the issues that dominated the country’s pre-election debate was whether SYRIZA, which eventually won the vote, had worked o...
Populism backfires
The increase in debts owed to the Public Power Corporation (PPC) by Greece’s households and small businesses appears to confirm co...
Greece and the four month window of opportunity
As the dust begins to settle after the Eurogroup agreement extending the loan facility to Greece by four months, it is a good mome...
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Dani Rodrik explains why a Greek euro exit isn't a solution for anyone
By Xenia Kounalaki
Turkish economist Dani Rodrik, formerly a professor at Harvard and currently an Albert O. Hirschman professor of social sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, has coined the phrase “the inescapable trilemma of the world economy.
Cynical SYRIZA puts its soul on the line
By Harry van Versendaal
If there’s one thing core SYRIZA voters were not prepared for before the January 25 ballot, it is the degree of cynicism that has come from the direction of the newly-installed administration.
Vindication or fiasco
By Alexis Papachelas
The EU is a complex yet flexible institution. That said, it is important that you always have an idea of who you are talking to, who makes the hard decisions and who you can rely on in times of need.
Friendly playlists for all music
By Emilios Harbis
Since going online in 2012, Kasetophono (Greek for cassette player) has been gaining new fans – or listeners – who bookmark the site's address with the kind of reverence usually attached to certain radio stations.
Greece's other dispute with Germany
The issue of wartime reparation claims over Germany’s four-year occupation of Greece, which ruined the country financially and left thousands dead, has complicated relations between Athens and Berlin for decades.
1. PM, FinMin in diplomatic push to sell measures
2. Jobless rate starts picking up again
3. Police seeking missing student to recall key witnesses
4. Election lifted consumers’ mood
5. State will keep paying priests´ salaries, Greek gov´t says
6. ECB decisions may prove to be a blessing in disguise
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This Week
1. Greek-Turkish relations
2. Greece seeks to plug its 'Bermuda Triangle' of lost taxes
3. Greece struggles to make debt math work amid bailout standoff
4. Greece has backup plan if March bailout cash fails to arrive, says Varoufakis
5. Draghi details sought as ECB's QE plan poised to be fleshed out
6. Government policy
This Week
1. Greece to make international protest over Turkey reserving Aegean air space
2. SYRIZA feeling the pain
3. The Greek tax drama
4. The unlikely winners of Greece's surrender on euro
5. Varoufakis to make six reform proposals at Monday's Eurogroup
6. Tsipras reversal draws Greek sympathy as party rumblings rise
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