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Chechen resists deportation to Russia
By Yiannis Souliotis
On October 1, the appeals prosecutor for northern Greece ordered that Amaev Khavazi be held for 40 days on the authority of the Red Notice issued by the Russian branch of Interpol. He is currently being held at the Greek capital’s maximum-security Korydallos Prison.
Gazi: One Athenian district that seems to be riding out the storm
Even when the crisis was at its worst and the previously popular nightlife hubs in the center of Athens were all but dead, the cen...
Intercultural dialogue in the gardens of Kavala´s Imaret
Events such as the international conference titled “Aspects of Islamic Gardens: Multi-meanings of Paradise,” which was held in Kav...
Chechen arrested in Athens resists order for deportation to Russia
“He’d told me to wait for him, that he’d find a way to come to Paris so we could live together. Finally, in early September he cal...
Farmers Republic going strong inside Greece and beyond
Every Monday without fail the Farmers Republic online store gets an order for organic fruit and vegetables worth around 50 euros f...
Dutch-powered Orange Grove incubator celebrates first year of nurturing start-ups
“Can you hear me without a microphone? I’ve learned to speak loudly because before my diplomatic career I was a windsurfing instru...
Vouliwatch website helps make the birthplace of democracy more democratic
A new organization is making it easier for Greek citizens to communicate with their representatives in Parliament. Vouliwatch (“vo...
Residents of small Cretan village make rebuilding it their business
Giorgos Koutentakis could never have imagined that one day he’d be able to return to his family home. It was, after all, in comple...
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Dutch-powered Orange Grove incubator nurturing start-ups
The ambassador of the Netherlands, Jan Versteeg, informs local media about the accomplishments of the Orange Grove business initiative after its first year. Participants are young entrepreneurs active in the fields of information technology, tourism and agricultural product promotion, among others.

Farmers Republic going strong inside Greece and beyond
The first Greek private indoor market for fresh and packaged produce has been shipping to other countries in the European Union since June, currently counting a total of 450 orders worth an average of 150 euros each.
'Greece has already found its way'
By Babis Papadimitriou
“I think the markets will support you,” says Richard Gnodde, co-chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs International and co-head of the Investment Banking Division in this interview with Kathimerini on Sunday during a recent visit to Athens.
A guardian of food traditions
By Calliope Patera
Aikaterini Kamilaki-Polymerou’s specialist field is Greek nutrition, its history, recipes and cooking techniques, and she is an authority on the subject today. She is also the former director of the Hellenic Folklore Research Center.
A Greek village on sale in Asia Minor
By Giorgos Lialios
Until 1922, Livissi was populated mainly by Greeks – 3,500 according to some sources and 6,500 according to others – who were forced to abandon hearth and home as part of the population exchanges between Greece and Turkey.
1. Credit sector officials sleeping easy ahead of stress test results
2. Certainty on primary surplus target
3. Feverish talks on payment plan proposals
4. TUI promises even more tourists
5. Archaeologists find missing head of Amphipolis sphinx
6. Coalition leaders prepare for troika amid sour mood
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1. The past, present and future of the Greek debt crisis
2. Gang importing heroin into Greece busted
3. Self-opposing coalition
4. Greece said to seek tailor-made plan for bailout exit
5. Gutsy rectors
6. Applications for heating oil subsidy set to start
This Week
1. Possible third figure in Amphipolis mosaic may be uncovered shortly
2. Istanbul skyscraper casts shadow over Greece's banking ambitions
3. Coalition shooting itself in the foot
4. GPO poll gives SYRIZA clear lead over New Democracy
5. Samaras’s crumbling Greek exit lacks backing from economists
6. Greece must stick to reforms, says Schaeuble
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