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Gyaros's underwater treasures
By Giorgos Lialios
The wealth of Gyaros’s marine life came to light in the summer of 2014, during research conducted by a team from the University of Patras’s Laboratory of Marine Geology and Physical Oceanography as part of the “Cycladic Life” program, which is coordinated by WWF Greece.
Our troubled democracies and how to fix them
At many points during the testing years of the euro crisis, commentators in Greece and other parts of Europe have lamented the abs...
Cyber-commuting from Petralona, Athens, to Manhattan, NYC
Despina did not get March 25 off for Greek Independence Day, but she won’t work on July 4 as she is employed by a major US credit ...
Consensus pulls Prespes region back from the brink
In the Prespes region, around lakes Megali Prespa and Mikri Prespa, it always has been and always will be about water. “We used to...
University of Piraeus tests first solar-powered electric car charging station
Greece’s first solar-powered charging station for electric cars ensures 100 percent green energy and was recently launched by the ...
Natural history museum in Meteora presents works of art straight from nature
In the shadow of the emblematic rock formations of Meteora, on the main road running through the town of Kalambaka in central Gree...
Aegean island of Leros struggling with migrant influx
LEROS, SOUTHEAST AEGEAN – “Is it true that we won’t be spending another night here?” Ali Wassim, a 26-year-old refugee from Syria,...
WWI Canadian nurses honored on Greek island of Lemnos
These days, it’s easy to forget the role that the northeastern Aegean island of Lemnos played in the First World War. However, wit...
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The ups and downs of Greek start-ups
Greeks’ most outstanding strength according to the survey, which evaluates entrepreneurship around the world on the basis of 14 institutional variables, is start-up skills.

Making the male-dominated world of IT more accessible to women
The Django Girls story began in Berlin, where two Polish software specialists, Ola Sitarska and Ola Sendecka, decided to take action against women’s digital illiteracy.
Aspects of the Greek capital
By Nikos Vatopoulos
Presenting a new narrative, an exhibition currently on display at the Gennadius Library digs up Ottoman-era Athens and presents it from an entirely different perspective.
Winning hearts in the US
By Katerina Kapernarakou
One of the secrets of Zoe’s Chocolate’s success is the use of high-quality organic products from local farmers.
Gyaros's underwater treasures
By Giorgos Lialios
Experts have ascertained that more than 50 percent of Gyaros’s seabed is covered by protected seagrass meadows and coral formations.
1. ´Frustrated´ Germany says ball is in Greece´s court
2. Italy says no «Plan B» on Greece, need quick deal on bailout
3. Greeks add pressure on Tsipras to compromise as talks resume
4. Tsipras reshuffles negotiating team after Riga debacle
5. Anastasiades says Akinci win raises hopes for reunification
6. European shares fall, Greek concerns weigh
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This Week
1. Greece’s day of reckoning inches closer as debt payments loom
2. Pensions will not be cut, insists social insurance chief
3. Berlin silent on content of Merkel-Tsipras chat amid claims of 'dramatic' situation
4. Anastasiades, Akinci speak and look towards fresh push in peace talks
5. ECB seen going all the way on QE as economists doubt taper
6. Two Greeks in quake-stricken Nepal reported safe
This Week
1. Greek government's popularity takes a hit as talks drag on
2. Europe's collision course with Greece
3. It's up to the Greek government to ensure deal with lenders, says ECB's Coeure
4. Denialism
5. Leaving the past in the past
6. The price of compromise
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