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Experts warn of teenage gambling addiction
Marianna Kakaounaki & Theodora Vassilopoulou
Giorgos Kormas, who started a support hotline, explains how online games often inadvertently encourage gambling. They may, for example, feature a cartoon character who urges players to gather as many berries as possible.
The irrational crackdown on an Athenian food truck
On a recent Saturday night in the downtown neighborhood of Thiseio, a police car pulled over in front of Giorgos Glynos's Food Tru...
Greek health cuts a matter of life and death on Samos
Greece's economic woes mean that paramedics on the picturesque island of Samos are increasingly faced with the terrible dilemma of...
Revenge of disaffected Europe risks new crisis sparked in Greece
They speak different languages, they come from different backgrounds, yet all have the same message of frustration that’s threaten...
Experts warn of teenage gambling addiction
Sixteen-year-old “Yiannis” is very familiar with the Internet. He was around 13 when he first tried his hand at a free poker app. ...
A great diplomat and friend of Greece, Robert Keeley dies
Robert V. Keeley was an outstanding American diplomat and an excellent friend to Greece. He passed away in Washington a few days a...
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The irrational crackdown on an Athenian food truck
About a year-and-a-half ago, Glynos, an astrophysics graduate with a passion for food, decided to develop a different kind of food truck featuring his grandmother's recipes for gezleme

Health cuts a matter of life and death on Samos
Greece's economic woes mean that paramedics on the picturesque island of Samos are increasingly faced with the terrible dilemma of who to save and who to leave to die.
SYRIZA's win will test institutions
By Xenia Kounalaki
'It has always been Golden Dawn’s position that Greece should not be a part of EU and US sanctions against Russia. Our national interests and geopolitical facts dictate this stance.' This was how the ultranationalist party expressed its backing for the new Greek government on the issue on Wednesday.'
Debt relief is inevitable
By Clive Crook
Greece and the European Union will split the difference in their quarrel over debt relief. What's uncertain is how their respective governments will justify the new deal, and how much damage they'll inflict on each other before accepting the inevitable.
SYRIZA must come up with ‘pragmatic solutions,’ Schulz tells Kathimerini
By Xenia Kounalaki
“SYRIZA must realize that it is now the Greek government, not a party running an election campaign,” European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the first European official to visit Greece since the country elected a new left-wing government, tells Kathimerini.
1. Europe waits for proposals from Athens
2. Notes provide more clues on prison breakout scheme
3. Drug prices are falling but volume sold remains high
4. Tsipras plays down chance of rift
5. Ex-revenues chief Theoharis claimes political interference
6. Journalist to head Greece´s National Intelligence Service
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This Week
1. US to work closely with Greece and EU to resolve differences, says White House
2. Merkel rejects debt writedown for Greece
3. Greek bank debt plummets as investors head for the exit
4. Greek markets plunge as SYRIZA digs in on challenge to austerity
5. Tsipras says Greece to repay ECB, IMF, reach deal with euro area
6. Greece seeks EU allies but Germany holds firm
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1. Greek Elections 2015 | LIVE
2. SYRIZA heads for historic victory but without majority
3. SYRIZA's win will test institutions
4. Greek Elections 2015: The day after | LIVE
5. EU must accept that Greek debt relief is inevitable
6. Athens may veto further EU sanctions against Russia
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