WHAT'S ON Documentary

The Road to Sparta | Athens | October 23

“The Road to Sparta,” a documentary by Barney Spender and Roddy Gibson, premieres at the Athens Adventure Film Festival, which is taking place at Athens College in the northern suburb of Filothei on Sunday, October 23, starting at 12.30 p.m.


Victoria Hislop | Nafplio | November 5

Acclaimed English author Victoria Hislop presents her new novel, “Cartes Postales from Greece,” published in a Greek translation by Dioptra, at the Fougaro cultural complex in Nafplio on Saturday, November 5.

WHAT'S ON Lecture

Kyrgyzstan Flora | Athens | October 21

The Ionic Center is hosting a lecture titled “Kyrgyzstan: An Un-Mediterranean Flora?” on Friday, October 21, by English classicist, ancient historian and gardening writer Robin Lane Fox, who traveled to the Central Asian country this summer.



Migrant riot at Lesvos camp damages asylum offices

Firefighters walk next to three burned prefabricated cabins, used as offices by asylum officials, at the Moria camp for refugees and migrants, on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, Monday. Greek police said that dozens of residents in an island camp for refugees and other migrants set fire Monday to part of the facility that handles asylum applications, during a protest over delays in the asylum process. [AP]