On Discrimination | Athens | January 18

The Canadian Embassy in Greece, in collaboration with the City of Athens and with the participation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Solidarity Now and the Greek Film Archive, is hosting “Twice Trapped: Discrimination among Asylum Applicants,” a special public event that will address the realities faced by LGBTI refugees in fleeing persecution and the particular challenges in applying for asylum.


Adaptation Film Festival | Athens | February 2-8

The newly launched Adaptation Film Festival, organized by MovieReel and the City of Athens, features films adapted from literature as well as discussions on the work of specific artists, to the Mikrokosmos movie theater from February 2-8.


Red Axes | Athens | January 14

The Red Axes DJ duo is traveling from Tel Aviv to Athens to perform in the sixth installment of a special series on young talent called “The Kids are Alright” at Six Dogs in downtown Athens.

WHAT'S ON Athens

Queen’s Tower | Athens | Year-Round

One of the Greek capital’s most overlooked historic monuments, Pyrgos Vassilissis, or the Queen’s Tower, in the suburb of Ilion, is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture built by Queen Amalia in 1854.


Frosyni | Athens | January 14-16

The Athens Concert Hall presents Pavlos Carrer’s 1868 romantic opera “Frosyni” (or “Ali Pasha's Revenge”) in a new production directed and choreographed by Zoe Hatziantoniou and featuring the Rafi musical theater group.

WHAT'S ON Exhibition

Emperor Hadrian | Athens | January 15 - March 31

It has been 1,900 years since Hadrian (76-138 CE) ascended to the throne of Rome, and the Acropolis Museum is marking the anniversary with a temporary exhibition about the man portrayed by historians as a dedicated philhellene and keen admirer of Greek culture, which runs through March 31.



Stranded migratory birds treated to a ready meal

Members of hunters’ and gamekeepers’ associations empty bags of corn to feed flocks of migratory birds at the wetland of Nea Kios on the shores of Argolic Gulf near Nafplio, in the northern Peloponnese, over the weekend. Many migratory birds have taken refuge in wetlands in southern parts of Greece because of freezing conditions in the north of the country. The Environment Ministry last week banned hunting until January 18 to protect endangered species from poachers amid reports of a spike in illegal hunting around the country. [ANA-MPA]