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Note to readers

Readers are advised that all public and private museums, archaeological sites, galleries, entertainment and concert spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes and other public venues in Greece have been closed on the orders of the country’s health authorities in a bid to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Monochrome | Athens | To March 18

Blank Wall Gallery in downtown Athens is hosting an exhibition titled “Monochrome,” featuring black-and-white photos by artists from all over the world, with creativity being the common denominator. 



May 10 seen as milestone for measures


Dark clouds gather over the central Athens district of Mets. Greece has completed a week of a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the Covid-19 disease. The government is reportedly looking to the day after and the possibility of a gradual relaxation of the restrictive measures currently in place. This will depend, however, on the confirmation of estimates that the spread of the coronavirus will ease over Easter and that, until that time, the safety guidelines and restrictions are strictly observed by the public, which has, so far, complied for the most part with the instructions issued by health authorities. [Reuters]