WHAT'S ON Film thessaloniki_fest

Film Festival | Thessaloniki | November 1-11

The 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival comprises retrospectives on important filmmakers, special screenings of much-anticipated films, late-night shows, an international competition section for emerging artists around the world and tributes.

WHAT'S ON Film more_human_than_human2

More Human Than Human | Athens | October 21

The Benaki Museum's Pireos Street annex presents “More Human Than Human,” a documentary about artificial intelligence directed by Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting, on Sunday, October 21, in a screening that is aimed at viewers aged 12 and above.

WHAT'S ON Opera opera1

Jenufa | Athens | October & November

The Greek National Opera is set to launch the 2018-19 season with “Jenufa,” a grim drama by Czech composer Leos Janacek about a woman who kills her stepdaughter's newborn baby in order to protect her reputation.

WHAT'S ON Visual Arts botsoglou

Chronis Botsoglou | Athens | To November 10

The Skoufa Gallery presents “Chronis Botsoglou: Landmarks,” a solo show comprising milestone paintings in the celebrated artist's career, covering three specific themes that shaped his life and oeuvre: the death of his mother, the great masters who inspired a lot of his work and sex.



World’s ‘oldest intact shipwreck’ thought to be Greek


The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project Tuesday released this photo, which shows what scientists say is the world’s “oldest intact shipwreck,” thought to be Greek. The 23-meter ship was found last year by an Anglo-Bulgarian expedition which sent a remotely operated vehicle to the bottom of the Black Sea off Bulgaria. Researchers said it is well preserved and appears to have lain undisturbed at a depth of 2 kilometers for 2,400 years. The ship is thought to have been a trading vessel of the type depicted on ancient Greek pottery such as the famous “Siren Vase” in the British Museum. [EPA]