Jailed urban guerrilla urges comrades to take up arms

Police are on standby after the jailed leader of Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis posted a document on an anti-establishment website late on Wednesday, calling for an armed uprising and the takeover of Greece’s Parliament, government ministries and the premises of the Bank of Greece in protest at a pending agreement between Greece and its creditors.

Declaring that a potential agreement would “seal... the government’s submission... and mark the beginning of its political bankruptcy,” Maziotis called on “comrades” to “undermine and sabotage” a deal with Greece’s creditors by taking up arms and taking over the offices of the government and the central bank.

A threat by an anonymous caller according to which a bomb had been planted at the offices of the Finance Ministry on central Karageorgiou Servias Street on Thursday turned out to be a hoax.