Independent Greeks to vote ‘only for what was agreed at council of political leaders’

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Junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) will vote “only for what was agreed at the council of political leaders,” party chief Panos Kammenos said on Tuesday, referring to a meeting last week between the leaders of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition and those of opposition New Democracy, To Potami and PASOK.

Kammenos slammed a preliminary agreement reached by the government and creditors in Brussels on Monday as a “coup in the heart of Europe.”

“The prime minister was blackmailed into agreeing on a text that was entirely different than what we had agreed on,” Kammenos said after a meeting of his nationalist party’s parliamentary group.

“The coup is ongoing,” Kammenos said of Greece’s international creditors. “They are adamant to bring down the government and replace it with one that was not elected by the people.”