Turkish hackers target Suzuki Greece's webpage

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Turkish hackers hijacked briefly on Tuesday the official Greek webpage of Japanese automaker Suzuki, posting the same message they uploaded in Monday's hacking of the state-run news agency's webpage ANA-MPA.

In a message written in Turkish and English, the hackers reiterate accusations that Greece is harboring terrorists, in a reference to the eight Turkish servicemen who fled to the country in 2016, after the failed coup in the neighboring country. 

“How we throw the your [sic] ancestors into the sea, we will throw you and the terrorist organization FETO which you support into the sea!” the message warned, making reference to the Greek-Turkish war almost 100 years ago and the FETO organization which Ankara accuses of orchestrating the coup. 

Suzuki's webpage was down for a few hours on Tuesday but has now been restored.

Speaking earlier to broadcaster SKAI, the General Manager of the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, Michalis Psilos, said the attacks are likely to continue as we head towards the Turkish general elections.