Mink cull starts in Kozani

A photo from a drone depicts a team from the Kozani Veterinary Service burying thousands of minks from a farm in Kaloneri, in the municipality of Voio, that were culled after testing positive for the coronavirus, on Saturday 14 November. [Dimitris Tosidis/ANA-MPA]

TAGS: Coronavirus

The process of killing some 2,500 minks that had been positively diagnosed with the coronavirus started on Saturday in the area of ​​Voio in Kozani, northern Greece. 

The animals with the virus were located in breeding units in Kozani.

The burial of the minks was to take place in a ditch that was dug for this purpose.

In several countries, especially Denmark, a mutation of Covid-19 has been observed in minks, placing world health authorities on heightened alert.

At present, no transmission of the mutated virus to humans has been reported.