The Academy of Athens is hosting an exhibition on the Greek Revolution of 1821, presenting rare letters and manuscripts from prominent figures of the Greek Enlightenment, works of art, maps, and items associated with Lord Byron and the Philhellenic movement.


11.03.2022 / 11:00

A joint decision has been announced by the Minister of National Defence Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Culture Minister Lina Mendoni, and Shipping and Island Policy Minister Giannis Plakiotakis regarding conditions for recreational scuba diving on submerged cultural sites in Greece.

09.03.2022 / 05:11

Over the course of the past two years of travel restrictions, drifting off in thought to a pristine white sand beach on a remote island somewhere has been a surefire way to escape the stress, anxiety and general tedium of life in a global pandemic.

08.03.2022 / 08:59

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the results of last year’s underwater archaeological mission to the Fourni archipelago in the northeast Aegean, including the successful survey of an early Byzantine shipwreck dating to the late 5th-early 6th century AD.

02.03.2022 / 09:48

The Acropolis Museum is now showing a synthesis of the entire Parthenon frieze, the 160 meter-long relief sculpture that adorned the upper part of the inner temple (cella), in an upgraded version of the web application www.parthenonfrieze.gr.

18.02.2022 / 09:47

In a recent announcement by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Central Archaeological Committee (KAS) has given unanimous support for the continuation of maintenance and restoration works at the ancient theater of Dodoni in Epirus, northwest Greece.

11.02.2022 / 10:49

Renowned in antiquity for its use as a dye and for its aphrodisiac and medicinal properties, saffron, the exotic crimson-colored spice derived from the purple Crocus flower (Crocus sativus), has been cultivated in the region Kozani in Western Macedonia since the 17th century.

08.02.2022 / 13:26

Perched on the slopes of the small, hilly Nisi peninsula, overlooking the Saronic Gulf, the well-preserved remains of the Little Theater of Epidaurus is a picture-postcard example of an ancient Greek theater; a miniature version of its much bigger sister, the iconic 12,000-seat Epidaurus Ancient Theater at the nearby Sanctuary of Asclepius.