15.02.2023 / 10:30

The British School at Athens (BSA) has announced the successful conclusion of a major fundraising campaign for its Knossos 2025 Project, an initiative that aims to support archaeological research at Knossos well into the 21st century.

20.01.2023 / 10:19

Have you ever dreamed of participating in the Tour de France? On April 1, 2023, amateur riders from Greece and around the globe will gather at Ancient Olympia to take part in the inaugural edition of “L’Étape Greece,” the latest in the international series of the legendary Tour de France, the world’s oldest and most prestigious bicycle race.

06.01.2023 / 10:07

Immortalized in Victoria Hislop’s award-winning novel, “The Island,” the uninhabited islet of Spinalonga has a long and tragic past. Known by its grim epithet, the “island of the living dead,” and nestled in the picturesque Elounda Bay of northeast Crete, the islet was home to one of Europe’s last leper colonies, active from 1903 to 1957. At its height, in 1933, the islet was home to as many as 954 inhabitants.

24.12.2022 / 10:42

A new exhibition has opened at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, showcasing 70 traditional costumes from the 19th century, many relating to the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

16.12.2022 / 23:39

Following the successful reunification of the Fagan fragment earlier this year, Professor Nikolaos Stampolidis, General Director of the Acropolis Museum, has announced the imminent return of three fragments of the Parthenon frieze, held in the collection of the Vatican Museums since the 19th century.

25.11.2022 / 03:14

NAMA 4974, aka the “frying pan with a representation of a ship,” baffled archaeologists when it was first discovered in 1889-1890. What is it? And what was it used for?

12.10.2022 / 11:39

The Archaeological Museum of Piraeus has opened a temporary exhibition showcasing finds from the rescue excavations in the area of the Faliron Delta (present-day Faliro), 8km southwest of Athens city center.

10.10.2022 / 10:08

Between July and late September 480 BC, as the heavily outnumbered Greeks crashed headlong into the full might of the Persian empire at Thermopylae, Artemisium, and Salamis, another battle raged in a faraway Greek colony on the island of Sicily. 

04.10.2022 / 16:03

The extraordinary life and work of the late Costa Carras, visionary conservationist and co-founder of the Elliniki Etairia Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ELLET), Greece’s largest environmental organization, was formally honored at this year’s Europa Nostra Awards in Prague.