08.04.2020 / 19:26

Around five years ago, Ebola was regarded as a potential threat to global health, yet even though the lethal virus claimed nearly 12,000 lives, it was restricted mainly to West Africa, where it started. One of the reasons why it did not spread beyond that part of the world was the coordinated efforts of European and American politicians and scientists.

17.02.2020 / 14:25

It was April 17, 2010, and Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull had just erupted, sending out great big ash clouds that were causing widespread air traffic disruption in parts of Europe. In Athens, the Greek government was anxiously preparing for the first visit by its creditors’ mission chiefs.

26.01.2020 / 11:44

Former European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker says in an interview with Kathimerini that Greece could have been expelled from the eurozone in 2015 if he had not stepped in to smooth out tensions between Athens and other member states.

04.12.2019 / 21:04

Eurozone finance ministers on Wednesday approved the disbursement of 767 million euros from the profits of member-states’ central banks from Greek state bond holdings.


04.12.2019 / 07:48

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions with Turkey, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to urge Ankara to dispense with its “provocative actions” during his informal meeting Wednesday with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the NATO summit in London.

03.12.2019 / 14:32

Wednesday’s Eurogroup meeting will provisionally green-light the disbursement of eurozone central banks’ profits from Greek bond holdings (SMPs and ANFAs), a senior eurozone official told reporters on Monday.

02.12.2019 / 17:33

Eurozone finance ministers will give the green light for the release of the second set of debt relief measures to Greece worth 767 million euros at Wednesday's Eurogroup, according to a senior EU official who briefed journalists on Monday.

27.11.2019 / 14:06

The Eurogroup Working Group of senior eurozone finance ministry officials on Tuesday gave Athens their qualified approval for the disbursement of 767 million euros from eurozone central banks’ earnings from Greek bond holdings (SMPs and ANFAs).

22.11.2019 / 09:44

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday sought to send a firm message to both Turkey and the European Union about the need for a tougher and fairer response to the problem of migration.

20.11.2019 / 11:01

Greece’s fourth post-bailout assessment by the European Commission, set to be published Wednesday, is expected to be fairly positive, paving the way for the disbursement of 767 million euros in eurozone central banks’ profits from Greek bond holdings (SMPs and ANFAs).

12.11.2019 / 12:45

In response to Turkey’s repeated violations of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zones (EEZ), European Union foreign ministers adopted a mechanism on Monday which would make it possible “to sanction individuals or entities responsible for, or involved in, unauthorized drilling activities of hydrocarbons.”