13.09.2023 / 11:18

The Supreme Court on Wednesday called for an investigation into the potential mismanagement of thousands of euros in funding for anti-flooding and other work in central Greece’s flood-struck Thessaly region.

23.08.2023 / 14:54

In an effort, years ago, to modernize the state and make it work better at all levels, important and critical responsibilities were assigned – and rightly so – to local government bodies.

08.08.2023 / 15:30

The sprawl of loungers on Greece’s beaches is the tip of the iceberg. Taking over beaches with bars and umbrellas is the extension of widespread real estate construction all along the coastline, despite it being strictly prohibited.

01.08.2023 / 13:06

The newly appointed Supreme Court prosecutor has ordered judicial inquiries into reported violations of the public’s right of access to the beach, a right that is protected by the Greek Constitution.

25.07.2023 / 22:40

The people who cause devastating and sometimes even deadly wildfires every year are effectively not treated like criminals.

25.07.2023 / 07:48

Few citizens who have had to go to court, either as witnesses or defendants, or even relatives of defendants, have failed to witness, and suffer, the phenomenon of trial postponements. Sometimes trial postponements reach into double figures: a lawyer involved has to attend to another case; a witness, or a defendant, excuses themselves for health […]

22.07.2023 / 07:06

An Athens prosecutor has ordered an investigation into official complaints and a storm of social media claims concerning the deaths of more than a dozen cats and dogs at a privately run shelter for strays in Lagonisi, East Attica, that was consumed by Monday’s big wildfire.

10.07.2023 / 10:00

A report compiled by the Athens Prosecutor’s Office showed that, every year, 140,000 criminal charges are filed at the office, a huge number that explains the backlog of cases pending in the country’s judicial system.

16.06.2023 / 16:52

Supreme Court Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos sent a circular late on Thursday night urging absolute secrecy in the investigations being conducted in relation to the shipwreck that left at least 78 people dead in international waters near Pylos. The circular was sent to all members of the judiciary involved in the investigation as well as members of the Coast Guard.

08.06.2023 / 11:28

Barring any unlikely event, the Folli Follie trial is expected to begin on June 19 at the Court of Appeal for Felony Cases, as the Athens Bar Association has stated that the lawyers will attend the trial with special permission.

11.05.2023 / 08:00

The trial of 11 members of the self-proclaimed group Guardians of the Constitution accused of abducting a high school principal in December 2021 in Pieria, northern Greece, will resume in the coming days after its adjournment.

06.05.2023 / 17:30

The legislative arrangements of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the utilization of specialized professionals, aimed at dealing with the problem of delays in the issue of thousands of main or auxiliary pensions, are within the constitutional and legal frameworks.