The details of the electronic database used by the National Economy and Finance Ministry to design the new taxation system for professionals and processed by Kathimerini are particularly revealing.

30.10.2023 / 02:17

The recovery of pre-crisis levels in Greek GDP terms may now be within sight, but that is not the case for incomes declared to the tax office.

23.10.2023 / 23:35

Once again, due this time to the situation in the Middle East, the Finance Ministry faces mounting uncertainties a few weeks away from revealing the draft 2024 budget.

16.10.2023 / 08:31

The rate of home ownership in Greece is decreasing. The latest official figures from Eurostat put the figure at 72.8%.

02.10.2023 / 13:02

Property prices in Greece have returned to pre-crisis levels, but there is little else to remind us of the golden era of the real estate market.

26.09.2023 / 09:52

Different scenarios for changing the way self-employed professionals are taxed have been put on the table so that they can be fully examined by the end of the year.

15.08.2023 / 18:36

This coming winter, the government will have less leeway to intervene to fix problems such as soaring prices because of more rigid budget surplus obligations.

25.07.2023 / 08:01

The National Economy and Finance Ministry is preparing the draft budget for 2024 based on a number of pillars, with the aim of submitting it to Parliament in the first week of October. Its target will be an increase in state revenue.

17.07.2023 / 12:57

Greek unemployment returned this May to the level of 10.8%, a similar rate to that of May 2004.

04.07.2023 / 13:35

The Economy Ministry is in a race against time for changes to the civil servants’ salary system to be confirmed in the next few weeks.

12.06.2023 / 10:56

Why do most tax revenues in Greece come from indirect taxes? Because the state collects more tax from a 150-euro supermarket receipt than it does annually from 3.2 million households.

05.06.2023 / 12:33

Major problems have emerged in the market by a bottleneck in the subsidized property energy upgrade programs.

05.06.2023 / 09:28

Greece has extremely few rich people – if the official declarations of income and property are anything to go by.