The backbone of the new Single Property Tax (ENFIA), which will be activated next year, will be a single set of brackets and rates that will determine the dues owners will pay for each square meter of real estate in their ownership.


05.09.2021 / 22:19

More support measures are set to be added to the government’s plans for next year, with the Finance Ministry currently seeking the funds to finance its “3+2 billion-euro” package for the 2022-23 period.

22.08.2021 / 22:55

With deadlines looming for drawing up next year’s economic policy, the government has decided on three tax breaks, is mulling another two and, depending on how economic growth and revenues pan out, may spring a couple more surprises. The three tax cuts the government has decided on are the lowering of the corporate tax from […]

26.07.2021 / 13:41

The sum of the declared incomes of Greece’s 8.9 million taxpayers is expected to fall even below 72-73 billion euros this year, which is probably the lowest level since the country entered the eurozone and also means a reduction in state revenues.

20.07.2021 / 06:00

Debts of 35-40 billion euros to banks, the tax authorities and the social security funds that were frozen during the lockdowns will gradually come due for payment next year; that will be one of the biggest challenges of the post-pandemic period – i.e. the payment of those huge arrears alongside the new obligations set to arise from income tax, the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) etc.

13.07.2021 / 15:11

The taxation and financing incentives for merging enterprises, the new calculation factors for the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) and the supplementary property tax, the amortization of green and digital investments and the new framework for boosting online transactions will form the backbone of a new tax bill that is slated to be tabled in Parliament this fall, along with the 2022 budget.

06.06.2021 / 20:42

The taxable value of Greek citizens’ real estate property is set to rise by at least 100 billion euros next year, topping €700 billion in total.

24.05.2021 / 04:00

The Finance Ministry is planning to introduce a new regulation for debtors hurt by the pandemic that will cover all their expired obligations, and not just those suspended during the pandemic.

09.05.2021 / 21:05

The government aspires to see annual tax revenues grow from the level of 42-43 billion euros in 2020 to €52-53 billion by 2024, while reducing the rates of direct and indirect taxes.

03.05.2021 / 08:47

Next year Greek taxation will cease to be an investor repellent: The drop in corporate income tax to 22% will bring it 1.65 percentage points below the 2021 global average of 23.65%.

25.04.2021 / 19:54

The Finance Ministry will sacrifice 2-2.5 billion euros in income taxes to keep enterprises alive and save jobs.

18.04.2021 / 21:01

The government is planning a series of initiatives in the coming months aimed at increasing the size of Greek companies by encouraging mergers and acquisitions, so that corporate forces join up to create more robust and competitive entities, in a country with a dearth of big enterprises.

04.04.2021 / 20:46

With support measures likely to exceed 15 billion euros this year, the Finance Ministry is drafting a plan to help the market get through the next 18 months.