With support measures likely to exceed 15 billion euros this year, the Finance Ministry is drafting a plan to help the market get through the next 18 months.


22.03.2021 / 15:19

By 2023 the deductions imposed on private sector salaries will cease to be above the European Union average and also the mean rate of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member-states.

07.03.2021 / 21:39

The plan of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue is to open the platform for the submission of 2020 income tax declarations on April 1, although the date has not been officially confirmed yet.

21.02.2021 / 21:16

The government is preparing for the day after the pandemic, amid fears that the first few months after the lifting of lockdown measures and the restoration of normalcy will come with more businesses closures and more layoffs than seen during the pandemic.

14.02.2021 / 20:53

The Finance Ministry will endow the subsidy program for enterprises’ fixed spending with over 400 million euros, making it a support instrument for the professionals hit hardest by the pandemic that will also undo some injustices.

14.02.2021 / 20:36

The Finance Ministry will use 600 million euros, already provided for by the budget, to cover the increased need for social benefits this year due to the drop in incomes.

07.02.2021 / 21:26

The support measures that will apply from now on will come with more conditions and criteria, as the government seeks to channel available resources to damaged professionals, corporations and households in a strictly targeted fashion.

31.01.2021 / 23:30

Greek taxpayers are this year set to declare the lowest amount in taxable incomes (for 2020) since the country entered the eurozone in 2001, with that figure not even expected to surpass 70 billion euros.

24.01.2021 / 20:50

The scenario concerning the postponement of reforms to the real estate market’s taxation system is back on the table.