The schedule in Greece and abroad for 2003 and 2004

2003 «The Bull in the Mediterranean:» Exhibit in Barcelona to March 6; in Athens, March 19-June 7. «Ephemeral Installations in Athens:» Architecture competition, Athens, Jan.-Feb. «National Theater Costumes:» Exhibit, Athens, Feb.-March. «Minoan and Mycenean Cuisine:» Exhibition, Stockholm, opens Feb. 7. «Year of Cavafy:» Events in Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandria and Istanbul, April-June. «Ploes:» Archaeological exhibition. «Globalization and Civilization:» Conference, Cyprus, May. «Two Centuries of Scholarly Greek Music:» CD series of unreleased works, May. «Parthenon:» Short film by Costa-Gavras on the Parthenon Marbles, New York, May. «American Ballet Theater and Costa-Gavras,» New York, May 20; Athens, July 6-7; Thessaloniki, July 10-11. «Trojan Women,» «Hecuba» starring Irini Pappa, in Rome, June 26. «Holy Music:» Shows at 40 holy sites, July 5-13. Dionysis Savvopoulos plays Balkan and Greek cities, July 2003-June 2004. «Alexander the Great:» Exhibit, Japan, opens August 2. «Art on the Internet:» Competition, fall. «Greek Legends in Film,» fall. Nicola Piovani concert, Sept. 13. Greek Theatrical Monologues, Sept. «Labors of Hercules:» Spectacle at Moscow Stadium, Sept. The Olympics and sports at the «European Film Panorama,» Oct. 10-16. «Under the Light of Apollo:» Exhibit, Athens, opens Oct. 22. «Outlook:» Art show, Athens, opens Oct. 24. «Periplous:» Photography show, Oct.-Nov. Bioethics conference, Athens, Oct. «Opera of the Earth:» Athens, Dec. «Global Novel:» Collective writing effort by 10 novelists, 2003. Exhibition of work by rehab center members in Athens, opens in Dec. 2004 «Greek Legends in Film:» Winter and summer tours. «Arco:» Exhibit, Feb.11-17. «Greek Shadow Puppet Theater:» Series of events, Athens, spring. «Year of Kazantzakis,» spring. «Mana Kouragio:» Musical by Stamatis Kraounakis with Marinella, spring. Theatrical Monologues by foreign actors, May-June. «Royal Academy of Dance» competition, May 29-30. Greek fashion show, June-Sept. «Australian Aborigines:» Exhibit, June-Sept. «Competitive Spirit in Ancient Greece:» Exhibit, June-Sept. «Six European Sculptors:» Exhibit, June-Sept. «Henry Moore:» Exhibit, June-Sept. «Picasso:» Exhibit, June-Sept. «New Museum of Islamic Art:» Exhibit, June. Phillip Glass concert, June. «Manos Hadjidakis Tribute,» June. Aristophanes plays, June. Netherlands Dance Theater, June. «Oedipus Rex» in a Japanese production, July 1-3.