Celebrating love: Talismans, sweets and rose buds

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, ideas for amorous gifts abound. Working in her busy Open Studio, Lito created the season’s talisman, the offering of love. The size of a chain of worry beads, it is a heart carved in red enamel, mounted in silver (25 Irodotou Street, tel 210.729.5177). At Fresh Line, St Valentine will be celebrated in signature soap style. Already available at the stores are heart-shaped rich red roses, that is red rose petals and buds with glycerin and freshly cut roses, as well as Kirki, the pink-colored soap made of mimosa flower scent, glycerine, fragrant fresh rose petals and balsam. For recently established Amelie, Valentine’s is an opportunity for the young French patissier-chocolatier team to dazzle those in love – and the rest of the clientele as well. Available at the Kolonaki store (29 Pindarou Street, tel 210.361.1573) from February 13 to 15 will be two heart-shaped, crunchy macaroons in two delicious flavors: the «Coeur Passion,» fresh strawberries and red-colored vanilla creme mousseline, and the «Coeur Intense,» a «Caraibes» chocolate ganache and praline-almonds croquant. Romance is in the air at the Athenaeum Inter-Continental Hotel as well. At the Premiere, splendid views will be accompanied by a six-course meal, while a rich buffet will await diners at the new CafeZoe. For something more private, the hotel suggests a Valentine’s room rate together with a special room service menu (for reservations tel 210.920.6000).