The Tiger Lillies’ wild ‘Variety’

Cult London band the Tiger Lillies will be bringing a taste of the absurd to Athens from February 21 until March 29, with a series of shows at the Gyalino Musiko Theatro, mixing opera, Gypsy songs, flamenco, Viennese waltzes, German cabaret music and British music hall acts. Their show, «Variety,» is a reference to the world of the circus, aided by acrobats and a juggler of international standing. The band members, dressed as clowns and bearing matching makeup, will stress the dark sides of human nature, performing with a striking set as their backdrop. On a rather racy note, audiences are further warned of dancer Michelle’s somewhat unusual striptease. The Tiger Lillies, a three-piece band formed in 1989, have become known for their eccentricity which prevents them from being classified under any particular musical category. Their music has been described as surreal, and they claim that it is influenced by Brecht’s theater and Fellini’s movies. What is also striking about the Tiger Lillies is the fact that they independently produce not only their live performances, but their CDs as well, which can only be found at their shows or on the Internet. The members The band’s three members are singer and accordion player Martyn Jacques, drummer Adrian Huge, and double bassist Adrian Stout. Jacques is the founder of the Tiger Lillies and has frequently been described as eccentric – he spent a long time training his voice to sing opera with a castrato voice. He is the band’s songwriter and his songs tell stories of the underworld. Huge, described by David Byrne as «James Joyce on drums» at one gig in the Czech Republic, gave an amazing performance using only kitchen utensils, because he didn’t have a drum kit. And Stout, experienced in blues, jazz and country among other kinds of music, joined the Tiger Lillies in 1995 and has been with them since. The Tiger Lillies, «Variety,» daily from February 21 – March 29, except Tuesdays, at 9.30 p.m., at the Gyalino Mousiko Theatro, 143 Syngrou, tel 210.933.16101.