Eric Rohmer picks Greek actress for his next film

Katerina Didaskalou’s life resembles a fairy tale of late and she makes little effort to hide it. The actress, who is currently appearing on Alpha channel’s «Kato apo tin Akropoli» (Below the Acropolis) has been chosen for the leading part in Eric Rohmer’s forthcoming movie, «Triple Agent.» Didaskalou, who has had a long-running career in both theater and television, has been given the part of a painter of Greek descent who is living in Paris in 1936. Early in March, when filming is due to begin, she will go to Paris for rehearsals. Didaskalou attributes her success to her Paris agent, who showed Rohmer her tape. «He wanted a French actress at first, because he was looking for somebody who could speak the language perfectly. Everything turned out all right in the end, though.» There is a certain mystery regarding her role. «My character is sweet, artistic and heroic. I would not like to go into further detail, though, because some things might change.» Rohmer himself, in a recent interview with Le Monde, explained that the plot is about a woman who does not know what her husband is up to. The names of the rest of the actors have not been announced, except for that of Didaskalou’s co-star, Serge Renko. «I feel very lucky, but I became even more enthusiastic when I met Rohmer himself,» Didaskalou says. «He is a fine man, very sweet and friendly and despite being 83, he has an amazing clarity of thought. And his independence impressed me. Although there is a car at his disposal, he prefers using the underground because he does not want people to be able to trace him. I love the atmosphere of his films and I think this will be a tremendous experience for me.» Having to act in French does not seem to intimidate Didaskalou. «I acted in French in Milan last year, in a theatrical performance based upon Pierre Louis’s poems.» Filming will take place in Paris only and it is expected to last all spring, therefore it is too early to think about a premiere and festivals where it will be shown. Rohmer did not randomly opt for an actress of Greek descent for his leading lady. «He loves Greece and his knowledge of ancient Greek is impeccable. He can read Plato’s original texts,» Didaskalou explained. Although he still has not visited Greece, this movie creates a new, strong bond between him and the country. «He is bound to come to the premiere in Athens,» Didaskalou said.