Czech ambassador calls in at Kathimerini

The signing of the accession agreement for 10 new European Union member states will take place on April 16, at the Stoa of Attalos, beneath the Acropolis. One of those countries is the Czech Republic, whose ambassador, economist Jana Bulenova, paid an acquaintance-making visit to Kathimerini. Aristides Alafouzos, president of Kathimerini, welcomed the ambassador to his office on the eighth floor of the Kathimerini building at Neo Faliron, overlooking the Argo-Saronic Gulf, with Kathimerini English Edition editor Nikos Konstandaras and the editorial staff. Accompanying the ambassador were adviser Petr Urbanec and the Honorary Czech Consul at Piraeus, Andreas Lionis. The meeting was cordial, with questions and answers coming from both sides. With EU accession in view, new prospects are opening up for the Czech Republic for cooperation on trade, tourism and culture with Greece, which is currently EU president. Bulenova, who is also a violinist, wants Greeks to get to know her country better, including places outside Prague, which already attracts a considerable number of Greek visitors. Kathimerini and Kathimerini English Edition assured the ambassador, who has been here for three months, that they are are keen to make closer acquaintance. Bulenova, whose previous posting was to Latvia, is married to a civil engineer, Vladimir Bulena, and says their home will be open for musical and cultural events.