A schedule of this year’s ancient drama productions

«Oedipus Rex» by the Theatro Technis, July 4 & 5: Intended for last season, the production was canceled due to rain. Translated by Dimitris Maronitis and directed by Mimis Kouyioumtzis, the cast includes Yiannis Voglis, Rena Pittaki, Katia Gerou and Yiannis Fertis. «Thesmophoriazusae» (Women at the Festival of Demeter) by Theatriki Diadromi, July 11 & 12: Aristophanes comedy translated and directed by Costas Tsianos. Cast includes Petros Philippidis and Yiannis Vouros. «Electra» by the Patras Municipal Regional Theater, July 18 & 19: Translated by K.H. Myris and directed by Themis Moumoulidis, the cast for Euripides’ play includes Karyofyllia Karabeti, Mayia Lyberopoulou and Emilios Heilakis. «Hecuba» by the Amphitheatro group, July 25 & 26: Directed and translated by Spyros Evangelatos, Euripides’ play will star Anna Synodinou in the title role. Leda Tassopoulou has been cast as Polyxeni. «Epitrepontes» by the Cyprus Theater Organization, August 1 & 2: Translated into the Katharevousa dialect by Yiannis Varveris and directed by Evi Gavriilidi, Menander’s comedy will star Dimitris Piatas, Nikos Haralambous, Stavros Louras and Varnava Kyriazi. «Medea» by the National Theater, August 8 & 9: Limited information on the production of this Euripides play has been made available so far. Tamila Koulieva will star and Stathis Livathinos will direct. Though still unofficial, Stratis Pashalis, a poet, is to translate. «Ion» by the National Theater, August 15 & 16: No information is yet available for the production of this Euripides play. «Frogs» by the State Theater of Northern Greece, August 22 & 23: Directed by Sotiris Hatzakis and translated by Costas Tahtsis, the cast of this Aristophanes comedy will include Costas Santas and Vassilis Haralambopoulos.