Dazzling end to ‘phenomenal’ Special Olympics

The 2011 Special Olympics came to an impressive conclusion in Athens on Monday evening.

The Panathenaic Stadium witnessed the closing ceremony of the Games that graced the city as well as the Special Olympics movement and involved as many as 7,000 athletes from 180 countries around the world.

The ceremony had «The History of the Child from Antiquity to Today» as its main theme, and involved cinematography, painting and photography.

Major names from the Greek music scene participated as volunteers, adding to the effect of the spectacular ceremony that lit up the Athens night.

“This was a phenomenal Special Olympics,» the head of the movement, Timothy Shriver, told Kathimerini. «There were great events in all venues. As we had said before the start, the Special Olympics has come home to the birthplace of sports,» he added.

The next Special Olympics will be the Winter Games scheduled to take place in South Korea in 2013.