Three guides list all of the gallery exhibitions in Athens

Ever since Art Magazine and Artio, the two magazines that specialized in covering contemporary visual arts, stopped being published, people interested in the gallery and museum scene in Athens have been without any magazine catering to that interest. They still are without any magazine, but at least they can now find a list of all the gallery and museum exhibitions in three different art guides that have been recently released. The Athens Contemporary Art Map is a bilingual, minimal-styled map that comes out every two months with a list of exhibitions and a map marking each venue’s location in the city plan of Athens. Small and handy, it is easy to read and carry around. The Gallery Guide is the oldest Greek guide to the visual arts. First published in 1989, it retains a more traditional format of a color-illustrated booklet with advertisements interspersed among its contents. More that just a guide, the Gallery Guide also has small texts on select exhibitions but does not list the museum exhibits which is a slight detraction, though it includes exhibitions in other Greek cities apart from Athens. One of its shortcomings is that it is only written in Greek. The fact that it is only published twice a year (a fall-winter and a spring-summer publication) also means that changes in the galleries’ programs are not listed. Still, it is good for those who would like to have a more long-term view of the Greek art scene. Contrary to the other guides, it is not distributed free, with a cost of 4 euros. Art and the City is the third guide to Athens galleries. A combination of a list and a map, it includes all of the galleries and museums – not just those on contemporary art – in Athens and its environs. In circulation every two months, it is published only in English and is modeled on the long perpendicular format of traditional maps. Like the Athens Contemporary Art Map, it is distributed free of charge.