The Book of Revelation goes onstage

Visitors to the Dodecanese island of Patmos this summer have the chance to attend a rare theater event. A theatrical rendition of the Vision of St John the Evangelist on Patmos, as described in the New Testament?s Book of Revelation, is set to be staged on the island from July 26 to 30.

The event carries a special resonance, given that Saint John — aka Saint John of Patmos — is believed to have lived on the island in exile.

?The Book of Revelation? production is billed as the first ever dramatic take on the Biblical work and will be staged at the landmark Cave of the Apocalypse by the Techni theater company. It is directed by Germany?s Barbara Hoffmann and Till Sterzenbach.

The production will feature excerpts from the work in four languages which will be accompanied by an original music score. The cast is led by Vlassis Kappos, Yiannis Virvillis, Sterzenbach and Sarantis Giameos.

The production is being staged under the auspices of the Holy Monastery of Patmos and the island?s regional authorities. For more information, call 22470.33316.