Ithaca, Paris and Moscow

Coming out at the same time as successful forays by Greek books into the Francophone market, notably at the recent Salon du Livre in Paris, the March issue of Ithaca features «The Athens-Paris Express.» Four French publishers explain on what basis they choose Greek titles for translation into French and whether they are satisfied with the quality of French translations of Greek books. Other highlights of the latest issue of Ithaca include Elis Maglinis’s interview with novelist Nikos Panayiotopoulos, who has interesting things to say about his own writing and about life in general. Here he is being acerbic on the «prettification of childhood and cliches about innocence:» «Innocence is something different from being below the age of responsibility.» Katerina Schina introduces another Greek author, Georgios Vizyinos, and Vangelis Hadzivassileiou presents «a landmark book» – Aris Alexandrou’s «Mission Box.» In the regular «Cities of the World» feature, novelist and translator Christos Chrysopoulos initiates readers into life in the Russian capital, explaining that the real Moscow lies below ground. Some intriguing photos, taken above and below ground, illustrate his case.