Antiques and collectibles at annual show

As the Zoumboulakis Galleries play host to an eclectic mix and match of the old and the new this weekend, collectors and art aficionados will be looking at a plethora of pieces characterized by their quality and style. Going on display at the annual «Before the Summer» show are 18th, 19th and 20th century furniture pieces and small, decorative objects and utensils, jewelry, silverware, carpets, china, embroidery, ceramics and garden decorations, copies of objects from foreign museum shops, as well as old and contemporary works of art. Besides the Zoumboulakis Arts and Antiques gallery, participating in the two-day event are Theodoros Mindsas’s Anthes, Thanassis and Bessy Yanoukou’s Antiqua, Angelos Vlastaris’s Paleopoleio, Apostolos Argyriadis’s Paleopoleio, Martinos Antiques, Alex Strongyllou’s Antiquarius, Harilaos Delis’s Antique Stores, antique dealers Ioannis Kourtidis and Andreas Krokos as well as Papasotiriou Editions. The weekend show will be complemented by an outdoor bazaar, featuring old collector items at competitive prices. Various Athenian antique shops are participating in the outdoor sale, in which part of the proceeds will go to the Girl Scouts social development program. Zoumboulakis Arts & Antiques can be found at 37 Agathodemonos & Orestou, off Pireos Street, Kato Petralona, tel 210.341.4214. Tomorrow and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.