Hadjidakis, Ritsos remembered in Daniel Lomel performances

Choreographer Daniel Lomel’s Aenaon Dance Theater is currently presenting two different shows at the Athens Contemporary Theater, the first until Sunday and the second from May 23 to June 1. This is the dance theater’s second visit to Greece. The troupe was founded here in 1980, but has been based in France for the last 12 years. The first show, «Apospasmata Erota,» is a tribute to Manos Hadjidakis and includes compositions like «Ithopios,» «Ta Paidia kato ston Kambo,» «Tora Pou Pas stin Xenitia,» «To Methismeno Koritsi,» «Min ton Rotas ton Ourano,» «Im’aitos Horis Ftera» and «Pame mia Volta sto Fegari.» The choreographies are all inspired by little stories, memories and anecdotes from the past. Hadjidakis and Lomel first met in Greece in 1965, during Maurice Bejart’s production of Aristophanes’ «The Birds,» and became fast friends. The «Apospasmata Erota» show was first presented abroad a few years ago, and is now being performed in Greece for the first time. The second show, «Kato Apo ton Iskio tou Vounou,» is based on one-act plays from poet Yiannis Ritsos’s «Tetarti Diastasi.» Ritsos was also a good friend of Lomel’s. The show is about an imaginary story of an ancient Greek family. Lomel describes Ritsos’s «Tetarti Diastasi» as a combination of modernism and antiquity, expressed in a poetic language full of generosity and civilization. «That is the essence of the Greek land,» he says. Marios Eleftheriadis is responsible for the stage design and the costumes for both shows. Zefi Bartzoka, Dimitra Andonaki, Emilia Korfia, Elena Papadopoulou, Natassa Papamichail, Katerina Sarri, Takis Argyropoulos and Danillo Palmieri will dance the various roles. In the second show, actress Sofia Kakarelidou will also participate. Athens Contemporary Theater, 39 Evmolpidon, Gazi, tel 210.345.5020.