Getting married the fun way

Babies clad in gold and brides taking a minute to reflect before going down the aisle? A new show at the Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery aims to gently shock long-lasting aesthetic traditions of wedding and christening ceremonies. «When it comes to such occasions, a lot of people find themselves blocked,» says gallery owner Eleni Marneri. «We wanted to offer a lighter mood, along with humor and a certain amount of self-reflection.» This translates into a collection of fresh ideas put forward by artists and designers living both in Greece and abroad, all defined by a fast-forward, creative point of view. There’s a selection of increasingly popular tiaras – more playful than imposing – including colorful pearls joined by mother-of-pearl, not to mention feathers; Maro Voulgari’s funky lace buttonholes and romantic satin bombonieres, while bold style statements also include Anne Ashoff’s embroidered cuffs (instead of more traditional gloves). Also on display are a series of wedding solutions by newly established design duo Soro, such as heart-shaped decorative wire. The show is complemented by a wedding gown designed by Christos Kostarellos. At the show’s recent opening night, a 17-year-old girl presented the predominantly tulle gown: sitting on a table, she spent most of the evening in a pensive yet expectant mood. Besides the temporary exhibition, the gallery’s permanent displays reaffirm Marneri’s predilection for the unique: Chunky necklaces made of old, fragile glass, rich amber mixed with gold, or plain, bold turquoise, all created by a variety of local and foreign jewelry designers – most of whom work closely with Marneri in developing the pieces. There are also combinations of ceramic and coral, a striking selection of micro-mosaic pieces (exclusively made for the gallery) as well as pieces in the very precious department, such as black diamonds in rings and bracelets. Encapsulating a recurring mood for so-called «ethnic» pieces, the season’s gems include an Indian-inspired necklace of small Greek tourmalines delicately mounted with gold, authentic Chinese earrings and a gold-thread necklace with applique garnets. «Jewelry has to evoke memories and history, among other things,» says Marneri. «Our mission here is to be present and to help the customer, to take the time to pick out what matches their taste and what really suits them.» Also available at the gallery are objets d’art (including lamps) and a series of accessories such as bags or even shawls entirely made of beads. Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery, 3 Agathoupoleos, tel 210.866.8195. «Creative Wedding» exhibition runs to August 31.