Sunday 18/5

FILM: Mackintosh Man A government agent is sent to prison to contact a criminal gang. Adventure drama featuring Paul Newman, James Mason, Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen, Dominique Sanda and Nigel Patrick. (NET-23.00) FILM: Thick as Thieves Two experienced robbers are in conflict, while a cop tries to prevent the situation from getting out of control. Adventure starring Alec Baldwin, Rebecca DeMornay and Michael Wyatt. (Antenna-23.15) FILM: Critical Care A young hospital resident finds himself in the middle of a legal dispute between two half-sisters over their father, who is in a coma. Medical comedy featuring James Spader, Anne Bancroft, Albert Brooks, Kyra Sedgwick and Helen Mirren. (Star-1.15) FILM: Men of Respect Taking a spiritualist’s prophecies into account, a hit man rises in the family ranks, at a price. Drama featuring John Turturro, Dennis Farina, Katherine Borowitz and Rod Steiger. (Mega-1.30)