Lycabettus festival to host more than 70 performances in ’03

The Lycabettus Theater will welcome all artistic disciplines to its program this summer, including music and song, both local and from abroad. It will also include lots of theater (such as municipal theater troupes not performing at the Herod Atticus Theater), as well as dance evenings focusing on tango, flamenco and featuring such acts as popular Momix, the fiery Aida Gomez and the celebrated Alvin Ailey troupe. Events at the outdoor theater kick off with a circus extravaganza on June 3, and will come to an end in late September. The full schedule of events – as complete as possible given the great variety of performances, some of which have still not been officially confirmed – currently stands at 70 performances. Greek song will be represented in 20 concerts, including Haris Alexiou, Christos Leonidis, Mario Frangoulis, Giorgos Katsaros, a tribute to Giorgos Tsitsanis and Stelios Kazantzidis, Bosphorus and Mode Plagal, Alkinoos Ioannidis, Alkistis Protopsalti, Nikos Portokaloglou, Pyx Lax, and Giorgos Dalaras in tandem with Marinella, among others. On the international front, artists expected to come to Athens include Chick Corea, Whitesnake, Salif Keita and Baobab, Moby, the Dandy Warhols, Musafir, Jane Birkin, Jamaica All Stars, Massive Attack and Iced Earth. In the theater department, there are currently 12 scheduled performances, including «The Persians» by the Kavala Municipal Theater, Neil Simon’s «Fools» by the Kozani Municipal Theater, Nikos Tsiforos’s «Gallery of Fools,» by the Komotini Municipal Theater, «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» by the Kalamata Municipal Theater, Beaumarchais’s «Barber of Seville» by the Agrinio Municipal Theater and «Angela Papazoglou» by Anna Vagena’s Metaxourgio troupe, among others. Momix, Alvin Ailey, Aida Gomez, and the Montreal Jazz Ballet take the leading roles in the dance section, while in the departments of tango and flamenco, appearances include those of Joaquin Cortes, Tango Kinesis and Bocca Tango as well as Tango Flamenco. Here’s a calendar of events: June 2-6 – Cirque Baroque; 8-9 Haris Alexiou; 10 – Queenryche; 11 – Whitesnake; 12 – Salif Keita and Baobab; 13-14 – Joaquin Cortes; 16 – Christos Leondis (possibly within Athens Festival); 17 – Moby; 18 – the Dandy Warhols; 19 – Musafir; 20-22 – Flamenco gala; 23 – Jane Birkin; 25-26 Mario Frangoulis; 30 – Momix. July 1 – Momix continued; 2 – Bocca Tango; 3 – Aida Gomez troupe presents «Salome»; 4 – Giorgos Katsaros; 5 – Jamaica All Stars; 6 – Chick Corea; 7-8 – a tribute to Tsitsanis and Kazantzidis; 9-10 – an ethnic festival; 12 – Aeschylus’ «Persians»; 14-15 – Massive Attack; 16 – Him; 17 – Bosphorus and Mode Plagal; 18 – a concert by Paremvasi; 21-22 – the Montreal Jazz Ballet; 23 – Jacques Lussier Trio; 25-26 – Euripides’ «Phoenician Women»; 28 – «The Fools»; 30-31 – Tango Kinesis. August 12 – Piano concert; 25 – a Veria Municipal Theater production; 26-27 – Tango Flamengo; 29 – theater performance by the Aegean Municipal Theater; 31 – «A Gallery of Fools». September 1 – Rom Festival; 3 – Alkinoos Ioannidis; 6 – «A Midsummer Night’s Dream»; 7 – «The Barber of Seville»; 8 «Angela Papazolgou»; 9 – Morfes Ekfrasis, «Far Away Different Stories»; 10 – Nikos Portokaloglou; 11-14 – Pyx Lax; 17-18 – Marinella, George Dalaras; 19 – Socrates Athinaiki Laiki Skini; 24-26 – Alvin Ailey; 27 – Iced Earth; 28 – Onar; 30 – Haris Alexiou.