Concerts and theatrical performances for all tastes at Vyronas Festival

The 16th Vyronas Festival provides the ideal solution to all those worried that, with summer almost over, they have not been able to catch all the summer concerts and theatrical performances they wanted to. The festival, which starts on August 25 and will run to September 27, will host important names, bands and theatrical groups currently touring Greece. The program will cater to a variety of musical tastes and will also include interesting ancient drama performances. The festival will open with two generations of folk singers: Dimitris Mitropanos will be joined by Dimitris Bassis and a seven-member orchestra. A mixture of events will follow: on August 27 Yiannis Kotsiras will perform a program containing a lot of songs from his latest album «Xylino Alogaki,» while two days later Michalis Hadziyiannis, who was performing alongside Dimitra Galani during the winter, will give a concert. On Monday, September 1, Mario Frangoulis, joined by the Patras Symphony Orchestra, will interpret arias and songs from his album «Sometimes I Dream.» On September 2 Socrates Malamas will perform, and on September 3 Manolis Lidakis and Eleni Tsaligopoulou will give a concert. More concerts will follow: Pyx Lax with Theodosia Tsatsou (September 4), Loudovikos ton Anogeion (September 7), Dimitra Galani with Melina Aslanidou (September 8), Vassilis Papaconstantinou (September 11), Nikos Papazoglou (September 15) and the big concert-tribute for the 12-year anniversary of the Melodia 99.2 radio station, which will include a large number of singers and composers. The festival will end with a show by Giorgos Dalaras with Marinella. Theater There will also be a wide choice of theatrical performances. Aristophanes’ comedy «Thesmophoriazusae,» starring Petros Philippidis and Yiannis Vouros, will be presented on August 26 and Bost’s comedy «Medea,» a parody of Euripides’ original tragedy, starring Leda Protopsalti, on August 31. Euripides’ tragedy «Electra,» a production of the Regional Municipal Theater of Patras and starring Karyofyllia Karabeti and Maya Lyberopoulou, will be performed on September 6, and another tragedy by Euripides, «Ion,» a National Theater production starring Lydia Koniordou and Christos Loulis, on September 10. The Karolos Koun Art Theater will present Sophocles’ «Oedipus at Colonus» featuring Yiannis Voglis, Yiannis Fertis and Dimitra Hatoupi on September 14, while on September 18 the Regional Municipal Theater of Crete will present Moliere’s «Malade Imaginaire.» Finally, on September 21, the Regional Municipal Theater of Agrinion will perform Beaumarchais’s «Barber of Seville.»