The rest of the main cast

Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, the cast of «Terminator 3» includes Nick Stahl, Claire Danes and newcomer Kristanna Loken. Stahl, whose credits include the role of the murdered son in Todd Field’s «In the Bedroom,» takes the role of John Connor, the future savior of the world. «The truth is that the size of the production scared me. I didn’t want to get lost in it. It was helpful to know that John, in this film, does not want to fight. ‘Terminator’ is a rare combination of action and human drama,» Stahl said to Kathimerini. «In any case, I don’t wish to become like Schwarzenegger when I grow up.» Claire Danes, a regular fixture in critically acclaimed dramas such as «The Hours,» interprets the role of Kate Brewster, John’s companion. After appearing in three consecutive dramas, the actress was looking forward to play in a movie with an explosive script. Loken, a California-based actor with a Norwegian background, spectacularly interprets T-X, the villain robot. She was chosen among 10,000 hopefuls.