Sunday 24/8

FILM: Pirates of Penzance A deaf nanny’s mistake turns the life of her very rich employer upside down. Romantic slapstick starring Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury, Linda Ronstadt, Rex Smith and George Rose. (NET-16.00) FILM: The Return of the Musketeers The aging men of noble adventure return for one final mission. Family comedy featuring Richard Chamberlain, Oliver Reed, Michael York, Christopher Lee, C. Thomas Howell and and Geraldine Chaplin. (Alpha-17.45) FILM: Cliffhanger A mountain rescue expert turns the tables on violent gangsters who crash in the mountains with suitscases stuffed with money. Adventure starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker and Janine Turner. (Mega-21.00) FILM: Misery The victim of a car accident, a celebrated novelist is rescued by a hard-core fan. Thriller featuring Kathy Bates, James Caan, Richard Farnsworth, Lauren Bacall and Graham Jarvis. (Alpha-23.00)