Two distinguished and inspiring Greek women awarded for their work

Two distinguished women, Dolly Goulandri, president of the N.P. Goulandri Foundation and founder and president of the Museum of Cycladic Art, and Marianna Vardinoyianni, UNESCO goodwill ambassador and founder and president of the Elpida Foundation for children with cancer and of the Foundation for the Family and the Child, were awarded honors this month for the work each has done in her own field. Helbi, who has written about the contribution to culture made by Dolly Goulandri and the philanthropic work done by Marianna Vardinoyianni, offers her warmest congratulations to both women. Goulandri was awarded the Hypatia Prize, named after the only woman philosopher in antiquity, Hypatia of Alexandria, by the Association of Greek Women Graduates, for her contribution to culture, art and Greece. Dr Lina Mendoni, general secretary of the Culture Ministry, presented the award at an event at the Museum of Cycladic Art, also addressed by Eleni Glykatzi-Ahrweiler. Vardinoyianni was honored by the Greek Public Relations Association in the packed hall of the Old Parliament House. The association’s president, Sotiris Tzoumas, called Vardinoyianni a «distinguished personality whom we have need of as a source of inspiration and support,» and said her work was «pioneering, exemplary and had changed the concept of philanthropy, making her a force in the social life of this country.» The award, bestowed for her entire body of work, was presented by Honorary New Democracy President Costas Mitsotakis, who will be celebrating his 85th birthday next Friday in his home town of Hania.