Greek films head for the festivals

Greek films are making successful journeys abroad. Nikos Grammatikos’s movie «The King» won the best picture award at the Cairo film festival which ended just a few days ago. Traveling to the Egyptian event were another two local productions, these being «I’m Sick of Killing Your Lovers,» directed by Nikos Panayiotopoulos and Katerina Evangelakou’s «Think It Over.» Foreign audiences, however, have more chances of coming into contact with Greek films these days, as more and more Greek productions are participating in foreign festivals. Roviros Manthoulis’s «Lilly’s Story,» for instance, is part of this month’s Valencia film festival in Spain. The film will then travel to the Montpellier festival in France, along with Nikos Kornilios’s «The World Again» (participating in the competition section), Kleoni Flessa’s «Le’ts Go For An Ouzo» (to be screened during the festival’s parallel program) as well as Yuri Averof’s documentary «Earthquake.» Also part of the Montpellier festival are screenings of two shorts as well as an animation film: «Paper Kites» directed by Stavroula Theodoratou, Yiannis Katsamboulas’s «Dawn» and Iordanis Ananiadis’s «Hole,» respectively. Coming up in November is the Calcutta film festival. Screenings will include Kleoni Flessa’s film as well as Pandelis Pagoulatos’s «Sweet Dreams.» Meanwhile, Lakis Papasthathis’s movie «The Only Journey of His Life» will travel to Rome and Sousse, Tunisia. Greek films will also be screened at festivals in Vienna, Finland and Mannheim in Germany.