Mediterranean literature project for young writers

Clandestinity is the theme of a new creative writing project for young Mediterranean writers run by the British Council. Titled «Klandestini,» the project will involve poets and short story writers from several Mediterranean countries, Mary Haroyianni, library and literature manager of the British Council in Athens, told Kathimerini English Edition. The countries involved so far are Greece, Italy, Malta and Cyprus and the British Council is currently selecting participants up to the age of 35 to participate in workshops for emerging writers and students. Participants will explore creative writing in their native language and in English, concentrating on the notion of clandestinity, both in connection with the theme of migration in a Mediterranean context and that of the emerging writer as «clandestine.» The project will culminate in a book or online publication drawn from the writing produced in the workshops, and a festival of emerging writers to be held in Malta in November 2004. Each group of writers will have a mentor; in Greece that will be George Szirtes, a Hungarian-born British poet, who will meet participants in Athens for a workshop. A «klandestini» website will be the point of reference for those involved in or interested in the project and also part of the workshop process. Participating writers will share and discuss their writing with their UK mentor and with each other in online discussion boards.