The harmony of chaos gets diamond and gold setting

The stars were sprinkled with diamonds, the universe became a sea of gold and the human genome turned into a sculpture. The occasion was the unveiling of jewelry and objects d’art created by the house of Lalaounis – including patriarch and founder Ilias and his daughters Aikaterini, Dimitra and Maria – at the elegant salons of the Hotel Grande Bretagne earlier this week. Celebrated around the world for turning the classical period into jewelry must-haves, Ilias Lalaounis has always nurtured a love for nature’s gifts and complexities. On display at the Grande Bretagne were items from the «Harmony of Chaos» and the «DNA» collections, initially developed by Ilias Lalaounis in the form of objects. In the case of «Harmony of Chaos,» Lalaounis was greatly inspired by recent, groundbreaking scientific research – which he followed by extensive reading. He created a series of micro-sculptures depicting developments in the field of molecular biology, while the idea of giving shape to chaos came a little bit later with the aid of mathematics. After the completion of the micro-sculptures, it was up to the Lalaounis daughters to translate their father’s inspiration into jewelry. They came up with a series of intricate rings, brooches, necklaces and earrings, mounted in precious platinum and gold, featuring diamonds and an assortment of colorful precious and semi-precious stones. These items now begin their own journey to the company’s outlets around the globe – while some are also available at the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum.