A mirror of the Olympics’ cradle in ‘Ageless Images of Art and Culture’

“Ageless Images of Art and Culture,» a new book by Ephesus Publishing filled with magnificent photos and parallel Greek and English texts, is a treasure-trove for foreign visitors coming to the Games and provides an exciting reason to come. It has all the information Greeks and foreigners alike need on ancient Greek theaters, artifacts in the museums of Athens, athletics in Classical Greece, foreign archaeological schools in Greece, Neoclassical Athens and the sculptures of Athens. It contains everything that should make each of us proud and aware that it is a privilege to be able to stage the Olympic Games here, in the land they were born in, in the same authentic landscape where the Games were first held, where the ancient legend began and the modern Games were revived in 1896. Instead, we worry about the Olympic venues being finished, whether the tram will be ready in time, and Calatrava’s roof over the Olympic Stadium. It is the true spirit we should be presenting, which is the surroundings, the music and the tradition.