State Archives — finally — find shelter at Psychico in state-of-the-art building

Covered in white marble, the brand-new General State Archive building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Costas Simitis yesterday. Featuring invaluable archival material on the Greek nation, the building’s original architectural study had been awarded top honors at the Greek Architecture Competition in 1978. Based on strict Doric morphology, the 3,500-square meter edifice was designed by architects D. Dakanalis, S. Boubiotis, A. Tsigounis and C. Floros. This great delay, however, resulted in a harmonization of the original study via the use of technology, with the introduction of computers as well as wheelchair access. According to the architectural study, the archival material will be housed in 12 departments, where precious manuscripts and microfilms will be shielded against terrorism or any other form of attack. The building features complete fire protection, while the flexibility of its interiors allows for further construction in the future. The public will have access to the reading room, the library, the map, seminar, conference and exhibitions halls as well as the cafeteria.